The On Grain Degun cuvée is a tribute to the courage and strong character symbolized by the red planet, by offering an arid yet rich soil. Rouge merlot, without added sulfite, is a crisp, round wine with aromas of fresh cherries. The Rosé is a full-bodied wine with spicy nuances. Its comfortable fleshiness on the palate, followed by a lively attack grapefruit and a gourmet red fruit finish, giving this wine a delicious balance between freshness and roundness. Blanc de la Roussanne, lemony, invigorating and invigorating and powerful at the same time.  


The “Sainte Cigale” cuvée, with its exotic notes and vibrant vivacity, is a true celebration of life and beauty in the universe. The classic Merlot Rouge, with its heady violet notes and delicate silkiness. The Rosé is a wine that offers comfortable fleshiness on the palate, followed by a lively grapefruit attack and a gourmet red fruit finish: a delicious balance between freshness and roundness. The Blanc de la Roussanne, lemony, invigorating and invigorating, is both fine and powerful.  



The “Poulpe Connection” cuvée, a reminder that these astonishing marine animals from outer space vinified and bottled 4 times faster than the quadrupedal anthropian, while offering a lunar nectar! The classic Merlot Red is a loose wine with a heady violet note and a delicately silky texture. The White is pure, crystalline and full of freshness, with notes of grapefruit, fresh apple and green almond.
The Rosé is a full-bodied wine with a comfortable mouthfeel and spicy nuances. It has a grapefruit attack and a gourmet red-fruit finish.


The cuvée “Monnaie de Singes” (Monkey Money) recalls the distant past when everything was paid for in monkey money…but also in wine! In fact, smugglers and Martians bartered their wares for this wine.
Blanc is a fine, fragrant, subtle wine, with a fat, unctuous body. The Red is a fine, round wine, both gourmand and suave, with a long finish and smooth tannins.


La cuvée

The cuvée, “L’Interdite”, reveals the difficulty in this universe of proposing astonishing wines while respecting the codes of cosmic administrations.
The beautiful complexity of this red wine expresses itself through greedy aromas of black fruit, such as blueberry and black cherry, licorice and violet. It is also distinguished by its enveloping sweetness and incredible freshness.

LA Félée

The cuvée, “La Félée”, is the result of an intergalactic accident in which the jar used to vinify the grenache was cracked. Our cellar master, though as cracked as his jar, reacted by sending his grenache back into the barrels, to present this delicately woody, wild red wine. La Fêlée, a cuvée as cracked as its cellar master. Delicate on the palate, with a fine grain of tannin, freshness and aromas of crushed red fruit and garrigue, or generous with fruity and spicy notes.

Le métronome

The cuvée, “Le Métronome”, is definitely the celestial cuvée: L’Histoire du Vin, a musical work in 10 movements composed by Vincent Beer Demander, cradled the yeasts during vinification. The alchemy between grape fermentation and music gives this red wine a richer, more complex aromatic and taste structure. Warm, powerful, full-bodied and tannic, this wine has great finesse.


The cuvée, “Grand Papet”, pays homage to the ancient traditions of vinification in amphorae. This 100% Syrah cuvée, with its floral aromas and unfathomable depth, evokes the nostalgia and melancholy of a vanished world.
Discover this red wine with its fresh, velvety mouthfeel and candied redcurrant aromas.


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